El Musico

My favorite songs from one of Mexico's greatest songwriters.

May Day Picnic

A collection of songs put together to celebrate the coming of spring.

The Floods

The Floods were a country band based in Portland, Oregon.

Ghosts In The Flophouse

Ghosts in the Flophouse

Ghosts In The Flophouse is a collection of film, writings, and music that grew out of the 6 months that I lived isolated in a vacant flophouse in NW Portland.


Stubbornly Curious

Recorded at various places in the US, there were four episodes in the stubbornly curious podcast series.

M Luketan


Hard Mail

To Be Determined...

Luketan will be traveling throughout Mexico in the coming months, so his responses may be sparse due to limited internet connectivity on the road. Please drop a line anyway, and he'll get back to you as soon as possible.

M Luketan

His songs are generally on the topics of life and death, the sadness of separation, and the despair of misfits.