The Floods

The Floods

Portland OR, 2007-2008

After escaping the flophouse, and while still doing production and promotion work around town for Ghosts In The Flophouse, I met a musician named Danny McIrvin at one of Portland's many coffee shops. Floods is the band that grew out of that chance encounter, and it came to incorporate Molly D on the fiddle, Mike Barron on drums, and Tommy Suitcase on bass. We cut our chops playing around town, and every Thursday night at our home base, a dive bar called "The Know" on Alberta Street, and got to be one of the best live country-folk bands west of the Mississippi.

While diving through the archives I found a few old recordings, including one of our final show, recorded live at the Alberta Street Pub on St. Paddy's day, 2008.

The Floods

The Floods

Here Come The Floods was recorded stereo live at the 82nd Avenue Folk Range in Portland, OR. Music on this recording was provided by me, Luke Tan, with Danny McIrvin, Molly D., and Tommy Suitcase. Fill your ears with the sweet folk sounds of the Floods!

Prison Break

Baby's Baby Blue Eyes

Bottle of Wine

Come Back West

Streets Of New Orleans

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Faith To Fly

Adios, So Long Sweetheart, Goodbye

Standing In The Mud

Red August Moon

Bring Your Body Home